Continuous Enrollment

Welcome to Continuous Enrollment at GymNasti!

What does Continuous Enrollment mean?

Continuous enrollment means that once you are registered in a class you are all set! This is the preffered way for so many gymnastics clubs to run a better and more advanced program.  You stay in your class and time until you move up to the next level or drop from the class. You now don’t have the hassle of re-registering for a class! Awesome!

What are the benefits to Continuous Enrollment?

Save your spot!
With fewer classes offered at this time you will save your spot once you are enrolled until you move up to the next level or you cancel your class. This is a great benefit with our limited schedule!

Move up quicker!
Now you don’t have to wait until the end of a session to move up! When all skills have been achieved, you can move up to the next level right away! Yay!

Smaller payments!
It’s so much easier to budget and pay for classes this way! You now pay MONTHLY instead of per session. All payments are deducted from your family account on the 5th of every month you attend classes.

No more registration hassles!
Eliminates hte hassle or re-registartion! Once you are in a class, you have no worries about losing your spot! Awesome!