Here are a couple of things for you to know:


When entering Gymnasti, everyone is wearing masks in our Lobby. We have areas spread out for you to sit and wait or to view your child. Please keep social distance and be courteous to others.

Before entering classes, our staff will come into the lobby masked to greet the kids and make sure all hands are sanitized.

Once entering the gym, we do not use masks. It blocks their vision when on the bars, beams and when they go upside down. 

Parents, please have your child bring your own water bottle to class. We are not using drinking fountains at this time.

Your child will have their own set of equipment as much as possible. This will control the amount of kids touching the same items. We clean and sanitize mats and the gym at different points of every day.

We are limiting the number of students in the bathroom at a time. Please go before you come to class if possible.

We only have a few classes running at this time to contol the numbers of kids in the gym! We hope to expand our schedule in the near future!

Thanks so much for helping us with all of this! We can’t wait to see you!

GymNasti Staff